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Homestay Introduction

The best spot to watch Bihu scenery in the paradise on earth

The heart of the park is accessed by the most beautiful Cuihu Trail in Cingjing. It is 1,650 meters above sea level and covers an area of 1.5 ha . It is spacious and equipped with a tour bus parking lot.

The open space design and wide view make it the best spot to watch the scenery of Bihu. The cherry blossoms and osmanthus trails in the garden are full of flowers, birds and flowers, frogs and screams, and butterfly dances. Whenever the fog struck, the clouds are misty, such as the fairyland. .

Picturesque scenery

Surrounded by mountains and sullen, the park overlooks the clear waters of Bihu Lake, such as the emerald-inlaid mountain peaks.

In the morning sun and the evening sun, the floating clouds and layers of mountains are like active ink paintings. When you look into the night, you will look at the stars and condense into a river. The astronomical astronomical stars are at your fingertips, and it is very suitable for enjoying leisure and leisure.

Considerate and diverse facilities

The park has open-air coffee bar, restaurant, garden, large lawn, landscape ecological pool, trails and other leisure facilities.

Diversified room design, including American, double, Continental, Louzhong, detached, double, ridged, exclusive parking and pet area.

The room is simple, comfortable and welcoming, with a beautiful view of the balcony.

Nearby tourist attractions

Nearby attractions: Qingqing Grassland, Bihu, Meifeng Farm, Lushan Hot Spring, Hehuan Mountain, Aowanda, suitable for cherry blossoms, maple leaves, snow and clouds, peaches, California plums, kiwis, pears, honey apples Diversified activities such as bathing, tea, and cattle and sheep are the best places to visit in the four seasons.