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Hehuan Mountain Sunrise / Two people in a row / NT.400 per person

How to register: Please contact Zixinyuan Villa 049-2801376

At the highest altitude hotel in Taiwan - Songhuan, Hehuanshan, sunrise in Guanxue Township.

Hehuan Mountain is one of the most beautiful corners in Taiwan. It is known as the "Snow Town". It is endless all year round. It enjoys summer and summer flowers, and enjoys snow in autumn and winter. The highest point of Taiwan Highway - Wuling and Songxue The building is the focus of the visit.

Departure from Qingjing B&B → Meifeng → Cuifeng → Fengfeng → Kunyang → Wuling → Songxuelou (Viewing Sunrise) → Return to Qingjing Homestay

04:30 Bingjing B&B departs for [Hehuan Mountain View Sunrise], the journey is about 3 hours, and the time is subject to seasonal changes.

[Hehuan Mountain View Sunrise]: Hehuan Mountain is located at the junction of Hualien County and Nantou County. The journey of sunrise is around Meifeng, Cuifeng, Jifeng, Kunyang, and Wuling (3,275 meters above sea level). Finally, I arrived at Songxuelou. The Songxue Building, which was converted from the former Chiang Kai-shek pavilion, is the highest-rated hotel in Taiwan. It is also the best place to watch the sunrise in Hehuan Mountain. Here we welcome the dawn and appreciate the sea of clouds like cotton candy. Start a good day.

07:30 Return to Qingjingzi Heart Garden

※According to the road conditions and climate, the correct departure time will be returned.

※The itinerary is adjusted according to the road conditions and climate on the day.

※ Meal: Please take care of yourself