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Aowa Forest Hut / Departure / NT.750 per person

Autumn "Maple" is red! Owanda is located in the high mountains of the valley. Because the streams are intertwined with forests, in addition to the two-leaf pine and the green maple, there are many plants that the birds like to eat, such as bayberry and red persimmon. A happy paradise for bird life. Enjoy the forest bath and breathe the air in the Fendo essence, different times, the Austrian University has different feelings, spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own characteristics.

Departure in the afternoon

Departure from Wushe → Owan Forest Recreation Area → Return to Qingjing Homestay

13:00 Wushe departs for [Awanda Forest Recreation Area], the journey takes about 4 hours

[Awanda Forest Recreation Area]: The Aowa National Forest Recreation Area is located in Renai Village, Renai Township, Nantou County. The total area of the park is 2,787 hectares and the altitude is 1,100~2,600 meters. It has the reputation of "Hometown of Maple Leaf". Taiwan’s most famous place to enjoy the maple land.

17:00 Return to Cingjing B&B